Things you'd like to know

Immerse yourself in the tropical pleasure you expect from the Caribbean - the relaxing warmth of the sun and the vibrant expanse of the sea - all from a viewpoint that simply can’t be found on land.  Step off and let the clear Caribbean waters wash your cares away. With us, you will enjoy the first-rate details that will keep you feeling comfortable and worry-free during the time you spend with us.


Pricing and inclusions

We want your BoatDay to be unique to you and we also know that price is important, so we've simplified this as much as possible. Because we do not ask for payment before your adventure, you will be settling the total balance with the captain when your cruise is complete. We will gladly accept cash, checks, or a credit card. A gratuity for the captain and crew is always a nice gesture for a job well done.

Certain excursions have some variable costs that we apply only if you use them. For instance, longer trips require more fuel and trips outside the U.S. require customs fees. We will always note what costs are extra or variable, but generally
our inclusive pricing is quite simple.

All base pricing includes snorkel gear, a bottomless cooler filled with beer, painkiller cocktails, soda, and water as well as your experienced Coast Guard licensed captain.

Guests visiting the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are required to pay a BVI and a returning U.S. customs fee of $75 per person for ages five and older ($25 for children under 5). Gratuity to your captain and crew for good service is always appreciated.
Villa pickup can also be arranged.

(6 passenger limit)
The base rate for six passengers or less is $695 plus the cost of fuel.
[Typically fuel runs $150-300, depending on destinations]

Customs information

If your BoatDay excursion stays within the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), you will not need to pass through customs or take your passport. If the journey takes you beyond U.S. borders into the British Virgin Islands (BVI), you will need a valid passport to clear customs in both countries. Don't worry, you will have the information you need before your BoatDay.

What to bring along

The most important thing to bring is a great attitude and adventurous spirit. We also highly recommend sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towels and any snacks you may want onboard. If your group would like to travel to the British Virgin Islands, a valid passport is required for each individual. It's always a good idea to bring along a valid ID for good measure along with cash or a credit card for any treasures you might find along the way.

What you will find onboard

We provide a Coast Guard licensed captain, snorkel gear for all ages and a bottomless cooler packed with a variety of beers, sodas, water, and pitchers of the islands' world-famous painkiller cocktails. Isle-Mon is outfitted with the latest safety equipment and technology as well as a Bluetooth sound system. Feel free to bring your favorite music or simply allow your captain to offer some recommendations. You will also find a private restroom, ample seating for all, and flotation devices to relax in the
crystal blue water.

Villa pickup and transportation

A week before your BoatDay, contact us with the details of your pickup location and we'll have trusted transportation there to greet you at a specified time. End of the day transportation can be arranged with your driver that morning whether you plan to enjoy your evening in Cruz Bay or head back to your island home. For reference, the cost of the taxis can range from $10-$15 a person, depending upon your location on the island.

Boat departure locations

We offer the convenience and flexibility of departures in Cruz Bay, Coral Bay, Grande Bay, Chocolate Hole, or Peter Bay as well as in St. Thomas at the Ritz Carlton Hotel or the St. Thomas Sapphire Hotel. All guests visiting the BVI will need to clear customs upon reentering the United States. The captain can then take you back to your original departure destination or port of your choice.


In Cruz Bay, street parking is free but can become crowded as the day goes on. There is free parking all day by the tennis courts. We also recommend parking at Slimo's parking lot across from Wharfside or L and L parking next to the police station. Please allow yourself time to walk from the car to the BoatDay vessel.

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